Like a lot of developers I’ve used the Firefox browser for a long time, putting up with its problems for the developer rich features that it has offered.

Unfortunately their latest massive update has been a massive muck up. It still leaks memory, albeit at a slower rate than it used to, it seems to have an odd few serious JavaScript issues, and they abandoned the plugin interface that allowed all the rich developer tools that we developer tools cherished it for.

Unfortunately they haven’t been on top of fixing these issues – and have simply abandoned the hard work extension developers have put in place over many years. You can’t even get cookie information for a website – an absolutely vital thing for a developer.

So I’ve moved to Chrome, despite the massive privacy issues about using it (Google watch every website single page you ever visit). It’s not great in many areas, but the developers have managed to manage their memory properly, most plugins work and the nasty developer tools at least give the information a developer needs eventually.

I’ve also had feedback from other non-developers who’ve had serious problems with the new version accessing certain websites, so it seems the Firefox problems aren’t limited to just developers,

My recommendation: If you’re still using Firefox then give up – it’s a dead browser more trouble than it’s worth. Swallow your privacy pride and swap to Chrome (but also swap to the DuckDuckGo search engine at the same time)