Who cares about secure websites? http:// https:// green padlocks…

Google cares about secure websites, so you should too!

Google have said for some time that they want everybody to move to secure websites, and you will see many every day big name sites have moved to https as a result (not just the checkout/account pages but ALL pages). There are many reasons for this, not just to stop Russian hackers (всем привет” – “hi there” to our Russian friends) from intercepting your page traffic, but also to give some evidence that the website is who it claims to be.

In fact Google have just recently stated that they will flag any web pages which gather financial details or passwords as insecure in their Chrome browser.

So you ought to consider changing your existing website to https://, or if you’re building a new website you’d be a fool not to. Hence why our new website is on https://


It costs a small amount per year for the secure certificate, you have to be careful to set it up, but the quicker you surrender to the inevitable the quicker you will benefit from Google’s carrot and stick approach (as they used on mobile responsive design – see later), rather than be penalised by it.