Hosting. Hosting. Hosting. I’ve wasted so much of my life energy on hosting problems it’s enough to make me weep; in fact at times it’s been such a pain I’ve thought about leaving the industry. Put simply, if your hosting isn’t working, your website – and your business (and that includes ours) – isn’t either.

So where should you host a website then? Well if you want good hosting go to Rackspace, but they charge huge sums of money (thousands per year), completely over the top but fast and dependable. For SMEs its difficult to pick from all the apparent options (hint: many hosting companies belong to the same groups so it’s a different front end on the same junk hosting).

If you’ve heard of the name of national hosting companies in the press – or worse, on TV – (1and1, Heart Internet, GoDaddy (oh please no!) ) don’t use them. Just don’t. They’re all complete and utter junk. Don’t put your business in their hands.

Small local hosts? I like the idea myself, but unfortunately they just don’t have the infrastructure to cope with severe loads or Distributed Denial of Service Attacks, or even circumstances such as network infrastructure problems.

Hosts offering cloud based hosting. Sounded like a great idea to us; using special technology to deliver super fast and redundant hosting. Until we realised that this technology has a fatal flaw that over time causes ALL websites hosted in this way to grind to a halt (after much discussions with their technical director in one case, and flat our denials of any problems, we conclusively proved this to be inevitable).

So where to go? Pick a mid-sized internet host based in London using industry standard cpanel hosting. Call their tech support number and ask them why you should host with them. If they answer the phone and speak English (as in understandable non techy talk PLUS the English language (some don’t – trust me) )

Currently we recommend hosting with Big Wet Fish. They meet the above criteria, hosting seems reliable, fast and support is good. I’m just hoping they don’t get bought out by a national company but stay in that mid-sized sweet spot.

Here’s a link to them: website hosting. (That’s an affiliate link at no cost to you – we earn a few pennies if you buy from them).


So, who do we host with? Our new site (this one) is with Big Wet Fish.