If you’re redeveloping a website then you are all sorted – you have a domain name. However, we chose to go a different route.

Because our domain name is tied to a hosting reseller account it makes it impossible to have the flexibility that we wanted on the new site. We therefore chose to build the new website on a new domain name: www.websanity-internet-marketing.co.uk. That’s a domain name that we have as part of our pool of working domain names.


  • We wouldn’t recommend you change domain name lightly, there are serious issues with SEO. Seeing as we are more building a brochure site and aren’t so worried about pure SEO we didn’t go for a more optimised domain name.
  • We’ll worry about redirects from the old domain to the new one when we’re done – something EVERY new website should worry about.
  • Don’t over optimise domain names: maybe websanity-web-design-seo-adwords-huntingdon.co.uk might seem optimal for us but Google won’t like it!
  • Current advice is to swing back from using hyphens, as it happens, but users are used to it so I don’t have a preference
  • Don’t go for pure keywords, e.g. web-design-huntingdon.co.uk. It’s too specific and people don’t see you are being a real business.
  • If you’re a uk business .co.uk is still the ‘top level domain’ to go for, but you will also need to buy the .uk variant to protect yourself from people grabbing that variant because the UK’s domain name controlling authority are “opening up more domain names” by introducing .uk (yeah, right, they’re just conning all UK businesses out of more money and caused huge confusion and scope for fraud to increase their revenue and inflate their importance). Maybe .uk will switch to being more popular in a few years time and we can drop the .co.uk?