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Social Media – get it in balance

I, like a lot of small businesses I talk to, have a healthy degree of scepticism when it comes to social media. A lot of marketing companies will tell you that you have to spend so much time promoting your business on social sites that you'd never have time to do any business! (But conveniently [...]

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Google analytics email reports are back!

Over 3 months after releasing the latest version of Google analytics, Google have finally put back in place the ability to schedule and send yourself email reports. It might not seem the most important feature in the system, clearly not to Google, but receiving  a monthly set of stats is sometimes just the trigger you [...]

2012-04-03T06:49:24+00:00April 3rd, 2012|News, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)| having serious problems today…

Anybody relying on to do email forwarding for them might well have lost all the email sent to them this morning (and with no bounce backs to warn the senders), so if you were expecting an email it might be worth checking whether it was sent or not.We discovered this after having put a [...]

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Email Marketing in your online marketing mix

With all the hype about social media a lot of people see Email marketing as being 'old hat' and aren't using it to market their business. However, a recent survey (December 2009) showed that less than half of all internet users used social media sites, and yet 89% used email. Furthermore, social media sites tend [...]

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