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Check who REALLY owns your domain names

A friend told me a sorry tale the other day of a company she had worked at where there had been a bit of 'falling out' with a member of staff. That member of staff had left under a cloud and - because the company hadn't registered their web domains properly - also left with [...]

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What is a hit on a website?

So the BBC are claiming there were 9 million hits on the Swine Flu website on the first day when it went live; and on local BBC they were claiming 9 million visits. This is a classic error that people make when reading their web statistics. Here's a brief outline of "What is a hit [...]

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Get some free Internet Consultancy

It's not that often that you get something free from the government, but, if you're a startup or have been trading for less than a year, then Business Link offer you a voucher that you can exchange for free independent professional advice.Note that it is only intended for consultancy and not doing any actual work [...]

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Don’t let your Outlook files get too big

We recently had a client who lost all their emails - every single email - because they never cleared out Outlook and kept all file attachments received and sent within Outlook. The outlook data file (.pst) grew to over 2 Gigabytes in size and then the version of Outlook they were running just blew up [...]

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