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Google Analytics gets more accurate…

Although Search Engine Optimisation doesn't strictly include optimising clicks within your website,  the latter 'job' can show insights to help improve conversion rates,  and so is an important part of your online web marketing. The in-page analysis feature of Google analytics has always looked like a brilliant source of information - see what links people [...]

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Google analytics email reports are back!

Over 3 months after releasing the latest version of Google analytics, Google have finally put back in place the ability to schedule and send yourself email reports. It might not seem the most important feature in the system, clearly not to Google, but receiving  a monthly set of stats is sometimes just the trigger you [...]

2012-04-03T06:49:24+01:00April 3rd, 2012|News, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)|

SEO your website search box

As well as being able to get great information about what people searched on the web to find you (keywords report), Google Analytics can easily be setup to show you what people searched for WITHIN your website. You just need to tell it some simple information about how your search box works. See here:  [...]

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Don’t believe directory salesmen – Google Analytics reveals all

Our clients are often phoned up by people selling entries in various online directories. The sales tactics they use are often akin to the high pressure sales tactics you see featured on TV programmes like Watchdog, and they often quote misleading information (for "quote misleading information" read "LIE").  If you think the salesperson sounds convincing [...]

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Free Website Analysis courses now available for booking…

You can now book places on the free website analysis courses that I'm delivering on behalf of Business Link here: free website analysis course. Click on this link and then click on Search for an Event (in the right-hand column), then search for "website analysis". Note that there are further dates next year.I'm going to [...]

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