Video is a great medium to show off your products or services. The very simplest, and cheapest, way to do this is to shoot the video on a quality digital camera (OK, maybe you can get away with a smartphone), then host for free on YouTube. However…

when embedding video from YouTube onto your website, at the end the viewer gets a screen of ‘related videos‘ courtesy of YouTube. These can contain anything at all, including video from your competitors. They also lead the user away from your product or service.

If you are au fait with web design then you need to add the parameter rel=0 (&rel=0 or ?rel=0 as appropriate) to the end of the embed code that YouTube give you.

If you have a WordPress website then install a plugin such as ‘Hide YouTube related videos’, and it will automatically do that for you.

NOTE: If you are serious about video you should pay for separate video hosting on a service which doesn’t carry ads!