We’ve comes across a couple of cases recently where companies have paid not inconsiderable sums of money over a period of time to so called Search Engine Optimisation companies for guaranteed ranking results. Funnily enough none of them achieved anything; and on looking in detail they actually appeared to have done very little to make this happen (in fact they might have done more harm than good: Google dislikes people ‘buying links’ intensely).

I’ve got to admit that my sympathy was pretty thinly spread on people who had signed up for ‘too good to be true’ offers which – not unsurprisingly – turned out to be ‘too good to be true’. Whatsmore, one of them seemed to want the same deal again: for a fixed fee they wanted to be ‘Search Engine Optimised’ without discussing the details or what work they would have to undertake themselves – because they thought they could just buy it.

When it comes to Search Engine Optimisation you CAN buy expert advice, but balanced against this has to be a lot of input from YOU. Good SEO is based on a partnership between the SEO expert and client to gradually build better ranking; reviewing structure and content; sorting out technical issues; looking at ‘off site’ factors and then setting you off in the right direction in your ongoing Search Engine Optimisation mission.

So if you think you can simply buy search engine ranking without working in partnership with an expert in the field delivering help and guidance specifically related to your business then think again: money alone can’t buy you search engine ranking.