WebSanity Internet Marketing logoIf you’re writing a blog (and if you can, you ought to be – it will help your Search Engine Optimisation SEO as I’ve discussed in the past), you might get a little fed up with spam comments. These do NOT help your SEO and give a bad impression to potential customers/blog readers.

Spam comments are usually submitted from Mr Cheap Nike Trainers at www. cheap nike trainers .com or such like. Basically they are just trying to get links back to their sites. I’ve said before that such tactics are ignored by search engines because of the ‘rel nofollow’ tag introduced years ago, but the spammers still submit them in some vain hope that they will do something (and they are being paid to do so by people with even less SEO knowledge than they have, so they can at least show that they have done something).

This makes comment moderation, which you should all be doing, a pain.

Want to stop these kind of comments? You can use an anti-spam service like Akismet (which you have to pay for) OR ask your developer to put in place a captcha system on blog comments. This adds one of those little ‘type in the following letters’ boxes that people have to fill in during their comment submission.

I’ve been running some recent tests on such a plugin for WordPress and it reduced the comment spam to, well, none. This proves that these spammers aren’t even real people but automated programs which sniff around for blogs and then ‘auto submit’ generic comments which they hope will get straight through and published immediately or get approved by moderators thinking ‘oh good somebody commented on my post’ (in which case you might have thought they would have employed somebody who could write better English, but they deliberately use bad English so they can monitor if their comments are  published (by looking for unique phrases they have used) and then start bombarding you with more!)

So if you’re not running a blog in 2013, think about it; if you are then make sure you are moderating comments; and if you are, save your time by putting a captcha on to block the majority of spam comments automatically.


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