With so many channels to communicate on nowadays – your website, Facebook, your blog, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. it can be almost impossible to keep them all up to date.

But in fact you can simplify things by linking a lot of them together, and write your content only once. That doesn’t mean that you should ignore the different channels as each has a unique customer base and place in your SEO strategy… but linking them together can buy you a lot more time.

Start with your Blog. Find its RSS feed – that’s a special file for sharing content (very much liked by the search engines – hence why we try to produce an automatic RSS feed for any appropriate content that we link into a website, like news, PR etc.). If your blog has an RSS feed link (or button), click on it and you should see a list of your latest blog articles and a web address something like:

Go to Facebook and add a notes section to your profile, from this page (you may have to hunt around a bit) you will have the option to import a blog. Give it the address you found above and it will now copy your Blog posts to your Facebook page (and keep it updated with all your latest posts).

Now visit http://www.facebook.com/twitter/ and select the option to link your Facebook account to your Twitter account.

Finally, go to LinkedIn, edit your profile and under Additional Information you will be able to link LinkedIn to display your Twitter updates.

So, now you can update your blog and the posts will appear in Facebook, then in Twitter, then in LinkedIn. Of course there are other social networking sites you can target, and more sophisticated ways of linking them, but this covers off some of the more important ones as simply as possible.

And don’t forget that if you have any other RSS feeds, from your news system for example, then make sure you feed those out in the same way, (and all RSS feeds should definitely be linked as sitemaps in the various Search Engine webmaster tools).

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