Some people love to broadcast their thoughts to world, and so blogging comes naturally to them. But many people I’ve met (probably the majority) don’t like the idea at all! If you’re in the latter category then I’m afraid that if you want to get good search engine ranking, then you’re going to have to grit your teeth and dive in: you simply can’t ignore the power of the blog when it comes to SEO.

But why you might ask? Google, and the other search engines, have extremely complicated (and secret!) algorithms that are used to decide the ranking of sites for any given search term. Some of the points that make blogging such a powerful tool in the SEO toolbox include:

  • Blogging adds content to the site. Adding content – particularly when you are a small site – adds more initial ‘PageRank’ to the site.
  • The content you add is varied, natural and keyword rich. Well it is if you blog ‘on subject’!
  • Blogging encourages linking. If you produce useful or interesting content then people will link to you, and links build trust in the eyes of the search engine.
  • Search engines love fresh content – they actively promote frequently updated sites above static sites, as they see this as a sign of authority in a subject.
  • Blogs are distributed through RSS and atom feeds, which means that search engines pick up on new content far quicker than ‘normal’ website content (sometimes in a matter of hours)…

So, if you’re serious about your Search Engine Optimisation then bite the bullet and start a blog. If want further advice on how to get the most out of blogging in Cambridge, Peterborough or Huntingdon then why not get in touch?