After 10 years’ good service we’re finally starting to develop a new website.

Our old website has done us proud; it is a weird mix of static content, a couple of WordPress installs and a whole bunch of custom code – but it is awfully out of date in terms of design AND functionality.

Rather than redevelop our website every couple of years we’ve focused on doing client work, keeping our overheads and prices down. Practically all our work is from existing clients or referrals so we hardly need it.

But the time has come to bite the bullet and replace it, as potential customers don’t necessarily understand the concept of “the cobblers’ shoes” (nor should they). We did vaguely consider simply deleting it, but dismissed that for an approach of slowly redeveloping it on new domain, new hosting and even new email infrastructure.

To enable us to continue our first priority, which is supporting existing clients, we’re going to slowly develop the new site and whilst we’re at it we’ll blog about the process as we go along – explaining some of the thinking that is going into is, and what goes into the process of developing a new website for a customer. That gives us the flexibility to move things forward as quickly or slowly as our free time allows and for you to see the kind of detail that we go into behind the scenes to deliver a quality website.

SEO TIP: this is also a good way for us to get more SEO friendly content on the page and for Google to see us evolving the content over time.

Feel free to have a look at the site as it develops, we’ll blog more as it evolves…

See our new website in development



Huh? Why are we linking to our new website from, well, our new website?
Because blog posts don’t just appear on a website but get picked up on and displayed in all sorts of other places, so people might well see this post NOT on our website, but in an email, an RSS reader, the Google results etc.