Gerald Thulbourn, WebSanity Internet Marketing, HuntingdonI’m seriously thinking of shutting down the business: turning off my PC and never coming back. And it’s all because of hosting problems; I haven’t had a single site development recently go smoothly without some kind of hosting issue. I reckon on many projects it is taking up to 10% of my time, time that should be spent thinking (or earning a half decent income) instead of wasting hours debugging and fixing problems due to web hosts not, well, hosting properly.

So here’s a list of some of the hosts we’ve used over the years:

  • fasthosts
  • Heart Internet
  • GoDaddy
  • fast2host
  • Fresh Sites
  • Big Wet Fish

This second list shows a list of hosts that we work with that we’d currently recommend and that we feel is able to provide an acceptable hosting service to our customers:

That’s right, there isn’t a second list. Because every web developer these days is a hosting nomad, moving from host to host only to find their service turns out to be, or turns into, an utter heap of junk, so they have to move on to yet another host, then another host, then another host… (or keep their mouth shut when they realise that the hosting isn’t performing well enough because they don’t want to/know how to fix it)

So if you know of any good hosts then do please let me know, in the meantime thank goodness I work on SEO and AdWords/Bing Ads because otherwise I think I might have to move the business to the alternative host name

Oh yes. Of course I own that domain already!