A lot of small businesses want to make their website work harder for them by selling a handful of products. However, putting together a solution based on a sophisticated shopping cart system is often not economically viable. Whatsmore, trying to retrofit and integrate such a system into an existing website can be very problematic.

PayPal have had a shopping cart system for some time which is better than simply adding ‘buy now’ buttons to a site; however, unless you have a taste for HTML and have full access to your website, then this solution is one that has to be hardcoded into the site. (Admittedly we’ve hooked up such systems in the past to admin systems based on WebSanity’s own database administration technology, but that isn’t a small job).

Google has recently made a huge step forward by providing a shopping cart store gadget (basically some technology that can be plugged into a website easily) to provide not only a shopping cart and payment system, but one that can be administered through its own Google Docs technology. By editing an online spreadsheet it is possible for the customer to easily add, edit and delete products on their website. It is in no way a replacement for the power of a sophisticated eCommerce system, however, if you just want to sell a couple of products online, then it’s a simple, flexible and cheap solution you ought to consider. It’s even possible, after a little adaptation, to add simple categorisation to the system: see my prototype simple shopping cart system.

If you’re interested in a simple, low cost solution to selling products online – or even a fully bespoke eCommerce solution – then feel free to get in touch with us about online eCommerce.