Do not EVER delete a hosted sub-account with Heart Internet.

We have been having endless problems and shockingly “fob off” support from Heart Internet regarding an additional website on their system being utterly confused as to where it actually was on their servers (a serious DNS mapping confusion in their internal systems). Eventually we moved the site to another host (TSOHOST) as the only way we were ever going to get the site live. But Heart Internet – despite saying that Domain Name Servers had been set externally just wouldn’t let go and inserted their own  Domain Name Servers into the domain record thereby making it utterly impossible to move the hosting away from them. The only excuse we could find for this was that there was still the hosting for this domain set up on their servers. So we ticked the box next to it and hit Delete. Unfortunately their system deleted “the other website” in the website list, not the one we selected – I guess as a result of their hosting being utterly confused as to what is where and what domain name corresponds to which account.

Luckily we had a backup, so we have restored that to another host (we’re not leaving any sites with these MuppetsTM) – now we just wait to see if their DNS can figure this change out; and if not we’ll have to move the domain names themselves to somebody who can control them properly – all a huge amount of work.

Some days I despair of internet companies – this is a new all time low.

My recommendations:

  1. Keep domain name control independent from your hosting (use a domain name registrar such as
  2. Unless you absolutely have to (we did in this case) don’t delete anything on a host
  3. Don’t touch Heart with a bargepole,and if you are with them, move away now – their lack of support is staggering.

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