WebSanity Internet Marketing logoIf you are trying Bing ads (adCenter) to extend the reach of your advertising beyond Google AdWords, then one huge disappointment is that the system doesn’t auto tag the links from your ads to your pages with the parameters needed for Google Analytics to recognise that traffic source. Instead any clicks on Bing ads will be shown simply as Bing Search results within Google Analytics.

You can use the ‘Google URL builder’ tool to generate these for you (a bit of a faff on a large campaign): these give you an updated link to place in each of the ads. So, instead of the advert for “Web Design in Huntingdon” going to www.websanity.co.uk/web-design, for example, it would go to http://www.websanity.co.uk/web-design/?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=webdesign-huntingdon. The funny bits after the ? tell Google analytics more about where the link came from.

OR you could try this free tool as a one off to get you started – http://www.bizible.com/bing-ads-auto-tagging/. This logs in to your Bing Account and, as a one off, does the equivalent of above. If you add further adverts you’ll need to do this again or add your own parameters.

Our usual advice on Bing ads is that for pure UK focused businesses they aren’t usually worth it – Bing has such low penetration of the UK search market. However, combining the Google AdWords importer and this tagging tool it really isn’t much effort to get a mature, optimised Google AdWords Campaign into Bing ads and give it a go. The traffic volume might be low, but so is the competition: and with the links all tagged properly you can now get a good idea from your Google analytics how it is working for you.

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