We all love Google; it has risen to take over 85% of European search traffic by delivering consistently more relevant and authoritative results than the other search engines. However, its ‘amateur’ approach to service delivery at times can be problematic. With that great a domination of the market it is important that they somehow keep the desire to try new things and be edgy, but also to mature and to focus on delivery of service: too many people’s businesses now depend on Google delivering a fair, consistent and reliable service.

Recent examples of problems we have seen this week alone:

  • Google Analytics delivering incorrect data for a site which hadn’t been released for long and whose only traffic had been us – we know what pages we visited and it didn’t correlate fully with the data it was showing us;
  • Google Merchant Center – entering a new feed’s ftp details just returns an error page;
  • Google AdWords Editor – showing inconsistent (and incorrect) advert information for a user whose campaigns we were trying to optimise;
  • Google Blogger – who are changing their system to remove ftp published blog functionality: still sending out and displaying warnings on blogs that have already been converted (we think anyway!) to Blogger hosted websites.

Don’t get me wrong, Google do some great things and at no cost – but with so many people counting on them now, isn’t it time they gave just a little more focus to service delivery?

Now this Blog post might comes across as a simple complaint – that is not its intention. Its intention is to highlight to our readers that Google is great but be wary – the benevolent giant can make mistakes!