I, like a lot of small businesses I talk to, have a healthy degree of scepticism when it comes to social media. A lot of marketing companies will tell you that you have to spend so much time promoting your business on social sites that you’d never have time to do any business! (But conveniently they can do that for you – for a fee).

Recently I read the ‘Ecommerce Quarterly report’ with interest. See here. This highlights just how few actual sales come from social media sites. Something that resonates with my past experience.

Note also that email marketing, the poor relation to social media, still brings in more sales than social!

This isn’t a call to not spend time building brand and product awareness on social media channels (with appropriate content to appropriate channels), but simply to ‘stay real’ and keep it in balance with focus on your own website. After all it’s sales, not hype, that bring in income.