WebSanity Internet Marketing logoMore and more people are aware of the need to ‘do something’ with social media, so when an offer comes along from a company to sell them followers on Facebook, for a seemingly small sum of money, they are often tempted to go for it.

My advice is always the same – avoid it like the plague. You will probably be throwing your money away and, worse case, waving a big flag to Google and real human beings to indicate that you are not trustworthy because you are trying to manipulate web rankings/people’s opinions (well, why else would you be doing it?) A few MPs have been caught buying Facebook likes recently, during local election campaigns, trying to show just how popular they are and therefore sway voters to voting for them – this will only have lost them trust – presuming they had any to lose in the first place.

Social Media is about engaging with your potential audience, empathising, informing, entertaining, educating, advising… it is not about numbers – it’s about communication and you just can’t buy that in.


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