WebSanity Internet Marketing logoMy mother-in-law has dementia. She gets confused and some days calls often to say that she is confused. This is made worse if I can’t take the call or respond quickly due to being in meetings/off site etc. A perfect solution seems to be a Skype Online number:

Pay a small fee and they give you a phone number which, when called, will take a voicemail and send you a text to say that you have a voicemail. Unfortunately it doesn’t work. It just doesn’t work. Skype seem to have a real problem with SMS messages – they charge you for sending them and then they turn up an hour or more later… or never – mostly never.

Trying to then cancel the online number, which of course is set to auto-renew, takes literally an hour or more of investigation until finally you manage to get connected to a chat session (where you get forwarded on to another chat session – which I’ve never seen before – and then a bit of debate about how their system works or doesn’t).

So basically, free Skype is great, but don’t touch the additional services with a bargepole – unless you can find anyone who can confirm that the one you want actually works.

I know this post isn’t ‘on topic’ about SEO but I just wanted to warn people out there to be very wary dealing with Skype – warn your colleagues & friends. Oh, so this post is about SEO after all – something we call negative SEO. Make sure you offer good service and deal with complaints/support issues quickly & fairly otherwise it is very easy to generate bad publicity and lots of negative sentiment, which can have a real impact on your business!

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