Whenever you’re conducting any Search Engine Optimisation work on a website you end up having to count things like letters, characters, words, phrases or keywords: whether you’re adjusting your title tags or doing some link building, you have to work within limits.

We put together a simple tool to help us count letters, characters, words, phrases or keywords when we’re doing SEO work and now it is publicly available here:

Some things you might find it useful for might include:

Site Optimisation

  • Make sure you title tags aren’t too long or too short (and whilst you’re at it make sure your keywords are in there and ideally loaded towards the front of the title)
  • Make sure your description meta tags aren’t too long or too short (these may well appear in the search results so also make sure they are keyword rich and compelling)
  • Make sure you have a reasonable number of keywords (although when considering JUST the top search engines there is hardly any point listing these any more)
  • Ensure you have enough words in your content. If you don’t have enough content on a page how can you expect Google to take you seriously (remember it’s all about showing the Search Engines that your page is the most relevant for a given group of keywords)

Google AdWords

  • OK, the Google AdWords ad tool is better than it used to be, but it is still sometimes useful to work things up ‘off-line’ before creating or optimising your ad text in a live campaign.

Link Building

  • Whilst submitting your site to various directories you will have all sorts of different criteria for number of characters, letters, words, keywords, phrases etc. So this character and keyword counting tool comes in handy for ensuring you make the most of them!

We hope the tool is of use to you, but if you need any professional Search Engine Optimisation advice in Cambridge, Huntingdon, Peterborough or environs then get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Note for the inquisitive: If you look at the letter and keyword counting tool, you might well notice that we have dropped some of our usual navigation from the drop down menus and from the footer. This is deliberate, and justifiable because this is a special page! We are hoping that this page will gain visibility within the Search Engines, and will therefore be assigned a degree of trust, link juice, page rank or whatever you like to call it. By restricting the links out from the page within our own site this will hopefully allow this to be passed on to only our most important pages – in turn helping to raise their visibility. The technique is called page rank sculpting.