WebSanity Internet Marketing logoSometimes keyword research – in preparation for Search Engine Optimisation or Pay Per Click advertising – can seem very dull.

The usual approach is to spend a lot of time doing searches on the web for your products and services, looking for people’s use of language around those terms, and even more time in a tool such as the Google AdWords external keyword tool.

Why not take a break from this and use the Google wonder wheel to explore the web environment around your products or services in a visual manner?

  • Start by going to google.co.uk and typing in a search.
  • In the results, in the left-hand column that Google shows, click on the More Search Tools link.
  • Within the All results section click on Wonder wheel.

Google now shows your central search term surrounded by topics it things are related to this. Click on a topic to see topics related to that, and then repeat. You can step back by clicking on a previous wheel. Note: look at the search results in the right hand column as this shows the search results for the term you just clicked on!

Google’s Wonder Wheel

OK, in no way is this a replacement for thorough keyword research, but Google’s wonder wheel can at least add a bit of fun to keyword discovery!

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