Google uses lots of measures to determine the authority of a page. Today we’re going to think about clickthrough rate and dwell time.

Google sees the rate at which people click on each entry in its search results, so if people tend to not to click on your website then Google will move you down the rankings. That means: have clear and highly focused title tags on all your pages, and have snappy, catchy description tags for each page. Google doesn’t read them but if you have missing or duplicate tags then people will skip you and Google will indirectly mark you down.

Dwell time is the time that somebody spends on your site before coming back to Google. If you have poor content, or content not focused enough, or too little content, then people won’t spend long on the site, Google will spot that and therefore reduce your authority. That means: review your content, make sure there is sufficient on the page, and make sure it is interesting and engaging.

Remember that Google has access to all sorts of information about your site: it gains a huge insight from users of it’s Chrome browser. So, if you want your site to be an authority in a given area and rank highly as a result, make sure it IS an authority!