With ever growing pressure from hackers, it’s worth taking a few moments to beef up the security on your Google AdWords account. After all, you wouldn’t want to find out you’d actually been paying to advertise cheap Ugg boots in Russia for instance – a real example that we have seen in the past done very subtly so the client didn’t noticed for some months!
Just login to your Google account from www.google.co.uk and then click on Account. From there click on Security and Enable 2-step Verification. Here you will give your mobile phone details so when you login in future, the system will send you a PIN by text to your mobile phone which you have to enter in to login thus proving it is actually you trying to log into your account.

When you perform a verification you have the option to trust the device you are using (not asking for a PIN number in future), so to speed things up you can trust your work PC, tablet, or phone for example. Note that it isn’t theft of these devices that we are trying to guard against here, but somebody sat in Russia using their computer trying to hack your account so they can access free advertising via Google AdWords: if they don’t have your mobile phone they simply can’t get in when you have set this up.

[Also, if you are using third party programs such as calendar or contact synching apps, you can generate application specific passwords in Google accounts settings which behave like old fashioned passwords but specific rights for only one program.]

With hacking attempts on the increase don’t risk your Google AdWords account getting hacked – turn on 2 step verification!