Many clients run into a problems when they are trying to upload pictures to go onto their websites. The problem centres around resizing those images. When you display an image on a website you can specify its size. All this does is squeeze the original image down to display in that size on screen. There are some problems with this:

  • The full size image is still downloaded to the visitor’s browser – so if that was a photo out of a 14 megapixel camera then you’ll be downloading a huge file to display a tiny image;
  • Browsers are poor at doing the scaling and therefore the quality that you end up can be far from ideal.

So what can you do about this?

  • Resize the image in Photoshop to exactly the right size before uploading it to the website. OK, not so many non-web developers are going to have this £600 piece of software so…
  • Resize in any graphics program (Photoshop elements, PaintShop Pro etc.);
  • Resize in your camera photo management software;
  • Resize using an online utility such as

But what size to resize to? The best solution is to screen shot your screen (press Alt-Prt Scn and paste into a graphics editor) and then measure exactly the right size to fit the space at hand… the next best solution is to guess: try a few variations to get a feel for what size works for your image in your web page.

And of course, if you’re placing images on your page don’t forget to set the Alt-tags with descriptive yet keyword rich text!

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