The best solution to target a non-UK market with your product or service, from an SEO point of view, is to produce individually translated websites on local domains, with specific country targeted content and individually focused online marketing campaigns. Obviously not many companies can justify this expense, but the first step is probably to look at one of the key factors that influence non-native speakers buying from a website – language. Not having content in the language of the potential market is a huge barrier to converting visitors to customers: no matter what the price or quality of service.

Clearly you could pay for translation, but that still leaves the issue of how you serve that content. Instead, as a first step, why not try the free Google translation tool? This is a free gadget that a developer just needs to embed in your website template, and it provides on demand translation of your website content. As with any automated translation it will make mistakes and get things out of context, but it is a very simple first step forward to support people who’s first language isn’t English.

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