Gerald Thulbourn, WebSanity Internet Marketing, HuntingdonMany of you will have heard about the new .uk domain names. Basically they just drop the .co, becoming for example. These are being released by Nominet, the owner (if there can be such a thing) of the .uk top level domain, in an effort to free up more internet domain names.

In theory this is a good idea because it can be a real struggle trying to get a new domain name because so many have been bought up by unscrupulous domain name squatters. However, if you are do you dare NOT buy What happens if somebody else buys it? So, you have no choice, you HAVE to buy the .uk version. Bingo, Nominet just invented a tax on UK companies operating on the internet: buy BOTH domain names now ( and .uk) or else your competitor or some unscrupulous so and so might buy them instead.

And the annoying thing is there is JUST NO POINT. At the very same time a whole load of internet top level domains are being released which WILL free up the internet, e.g. .plumber. BUT they aren’t controlled or owned by Nominet, so they won’t benefit financially from that sell off (incidentally those domain names are mostly a waste of money as well, if I am looking for a plumber and find fredandjohn.plumber how will I know if they are UK based or based in Outer Mongolia? How will Google know where to show those results?)

In an effort to placate people like me standing up and saying “the new .uk domain names are just a con and a tax on UK businesses operating on the internet” your .uk domain name is reserved for you IF you own the equivalent domain until 10th June 2019. i.e. nobody else can buy it until then. (Although do check at So, I’ve put a date in my diary for 9th June 2019 “Buy .uk domain names today – the con is on”.

PS. Cons attract more conmen, so you will start to get bombarded with marketing from domain registrars (like – who are the ‘middle men’ who actually sell the domain names, asking you to ‘pre-order’ or ‘pre-register’ for a fee. Ignore them – see note re domain names being reserved for you above – and check on Do NOT buy any domain names from people who phone you up. And do NOT believe anybody who contacts you trying to sell you a domain name who says they are from Nominet: Nominet created this tax, they benefit from it, but they hide behind middle men doing the dirty work of selling the domain names on their behalf.


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