WebSanity Internet Marketing logo An amendment to the EU’s Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive is coming into force on the 26th of May (sorry I previously posted the 25th).

The UK government has released guidance on this – at long last – here:

In a nutshell the new “law is an ass” – the only way to effectively implement it is for the EU to beg/threaten the browser developers to add new tools to deal with it. Until then (don’t hold your breath), if you are using Google Analytics, we highly recommend that you take the following steps:

  1. Make sure you have a privacy policy page in place (you should anyway);
  2. Make sure it says that you have Google Analytics in place and what you do with any tracked data (you’re welcome to look at our website privacy policy as an example: www.websanity.co.uk/privacy-policy.php);
  3. Update the footer of your website, perhaps just above the copyright, with a statement such as:
    This website uses first party cookies to gather anonymous website user behaviour information. Read more…
    And link that to your privacy policy.

That is more than most will do, and you can feel satisfied that you’re not breaking the law… even if it is an ass!

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