Gerald Thulbourn, WebSanity Internet Marketing, HuntingdonHaving grieved the loss of Yahoo Site Explorer as the ultimate tool for having a quick peek at where your competitors get their links from; we all had to move on to Open Site Explorer, a somewhat flaky (and with very poor coverage) tool from SEOmoz, or the Blekko Search Engine (again quite poor UK coverage).

In fact I bet a lot of you gave up and didn’t bother researching your competitors to see where you could build your links from! Big opportunity missed if you did.

Well, like a phoenix from the flames, Bing Link Explorer has risen to take the place of Yahoo Site Explorer, with the same broad view of the web that only a ‘proper’ search engine can have. The cost? Well, you need to sign up and validate your site in Bing’s Webmaster Tools – which is free and something that it is probably worth doing anyway, just to help ensure Bing indexes your site and tells you about any problems it sees.

So, now there are no excuses, head over to Bing Webmaster tools (, get signed up and get link building!

Good old Microsoft is all I can say – and it’s not often I say that!




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