If you keep up with the latest trends in SEO you’ll know that the META KEYWORDS tag is of little or no importance in improving your search engine rankings. Now Matt Cutts (Google Engineer and prolific blogger), has made it totally official: “Google doesn’t use the keywords meta tag in web search“. You can read his official post here.

Why? Because you could put anything in your keywords that visitors never see, it was always too open to abuse plus Search Engines have got much much better at interpreting ‘on-page’ content anyway.

So what should you do? We’d recommend keep on doing what you should already be doing: populate the keywords tag with a sensible set of keywords. Don’t spend too much time on this BUT do remember that other Search Engines might still use them to some extent, and some believe that Google AdWords puts some very minor weighting on them.

And one final thing: DON’T stop doing keyword research – keywords are different from META keywords – and keyword research is still very much the bedrock of Search Engine Optimisation!