I speak to a lot of small businesses throughout the East of England region about Search Engine Optimisation; and one of the SEO issues that frequently comes up is the amount of content – or lack of it – on their websites.

I like to think of good search engine results as being based on a number of key pillars: relevancy, authority and (to a lesser degree) locality.

Relevancy is all about targeting content very closely at the searches that people are making on the web. Having too little content probably means you’re probably not targeting that carefully enough. For example; on www.websanity.co.uk we have subsidiary pages for web design huntingdon, web design peterborough and web design cambridge (one of these days we’ll get around to adding the more relevant pages: SEO huntingdon, SEO peterborough and SEO cambridge!): this additional content helps boosts relevancy.

Authority is mainly about establishing trust through link building, but Google certainly uses the number of pages on your site to determine the initial PageRank or trust that it gives it (in a highly non-linar fashion – doubling the pages on your site will NOT double your PageRank!). If you’re a small site then increasing the number of pagse could well give you a boost here over your competition. After all, it’s fairly obvious that a 20 page site about Search Engine Optimisation is better than a 2 page site – and Google agrees.

So if you want to boost your Search Engine Rankings then consider adding content to your site – but make sure it is relevant: get in touch if you’d like some advice.