We’ve had a few cases recently, when we have been conducting website Search Engine Optimisation, of websites being very poorly indexed by Google due to the way their menus have been implemented. This is primarily applicable to sites which use JavaScript or Flash for menu navigation. The proper solution is to use ‘pure CSS’ drop down menus, which is admittedly extremely difficult to do (well it is if you care whether the site works in older browsers such as Internet Explorer 6!) and probably explains why a lot of developers don’t deliver search engine friendly websites.

If Google can’t see your navigation clearly then it struggles to understand your site structure and it might not even index a lot of your pages: because it can’t find them!

There are ways around this, such as building a sitemap.xml file to give Google a roadmap of your site (something we recommend for all websites) and also creating a well structured human readable sitemap page, again to help Google understand your site structure.

But how can you tell if you have a problem? Use a tool such as the www.seo-browser.com. Type in your web address and then look at what it shows you. It will give you a good idea of what Google will see. Below is what our site looks like using this tool; note how the navigation is very obvious. Remember, if you can’t see any navigation links then neither can Google!

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