If you have a brochure on your website in PDF format then you can’t normally see how many times it has been opened in your analytics (if you don’t have Google Analytics installed then get it installed – its a free system and it will only take a developer 30 minutes to sort it out for you!)

That’s a shame,  because that’s quite important to know!

Edit the page containing the link to your PDF file then click the button to view source (if you have a WordPress website then click the TEXT tab – formerly known as HTML tab). Look amongst the undecipherable gibberish that us web developers work with on a daily basis for something like this:

< a href="http://www.WebSanity.co.uk/brochure.pdf">Open brochure< /a>

and then add – with a space in front if it – just before the first >
onClick=”_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/PDFs/brochure.pdf’]);”
where brochure.pdf is the name you want this to appear as in your analytics.

So that becomes:

< a href="http://www.WebSanity.co.uk/brochure.pdf"
onClick=”_gaq.push(['_trackPageview', '/PDFs/brochure.pdf']);”>
Open brochure< /a>

Then click back on the VISUAL tab or source button and save/update your page.

Now the number of times that people click on your brochure will appear as a page called PDFs/brochure.pdf in your Google analytics!