Writing a blog/news to support your business is work enough, never mind having to also push it out on Facebook and Google+ (and potentially twitter and LinkedIn).  Well, you can make life a little easier by getting your latest blog entry added to your Facebook page automatically using a free system called RSS graffiti.  See www.rssgraffiti.com.

For this you will need your website RSS feed address.  This will depend on your blogging system,  but if you’re using a WordPress web design it will be of the form: www.xyz.co.uk/feed. Or,  in our case, because our blog is installed within a sub directory,  www.websanity.co.uk/blog/feed. Enter this into a web browser and you should see a complicated structured document appear in front of you (not an error page). If you can’t find it, ask you web developer!

Google are unfortunately arrogant enough to not provide any means of doing this,  demanding that you write original content to help boost their Google+ competitor to Facebook – so you’ll just have to copy and paste it there… presuming you think its worth the effort.