When it comes to local Search Engine Optimisation SEO, you certainly want to ensure that your business is displayed on the maps that the search engines show when they detect a ‘local’ search.

For Google Places that’s simply a case of editing the entry via your Google account.

How to get listed in Bing Maps is a bit of a mystery however. The reason is that local Bing map listings don’t get their data from Bing! In the US they are trialling a system like Google maps, but they have been for a long time. In the UK they seem to source their data from yelp.co.uk. So if you want to get listed on local Bing maps, create an account with yelp.co.uk and submit your details (for free).

Remember to select the right categories for your entry, eg for us web design huntingdon and Search Engine Optimisation SEO Huntingdon. Use all the keywords/categories you are allowed to set (5 on Google).