How can I improve conversions on my website?

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How can I improve conversions on my website?

Trying to improve the conversion rate of your website (the number of people who contact you about a service, or who buy from you online) is an often forgotten part of marketing your business online. You might have put a lot of effort into getting people to your website for phrases such as web design in Huntingdon (just pulling a random example out of the air!) but unless you focus on Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) then your website Search Engine Optimisation efforts might be wasted to some extent.

There are all sorts of things you can do to improve the customer experience just by looking at your website, especially if you can get an independent website review, but sometimes there’s nothing like a rigorous experiment.

In the old days there was a horribly complicated, but effective tool from Google to help you compare the performance of two versions of the same web page, but now – if you’re lucky enough to have a WordPress website – you can get free plugins to do this in a much simpler fashion. These show two different versions of the content on a page in sequence to different visitors and then let you compare the results to see which is more effective.

So you might try different coloured buttons, different text etc. and see which is most effective. Over time the differences can really add up. The big guys like Amazon test things like this to the nth degree, after all, a 0.1% difference due to a different button colour in their web design is worth a of money at the volumes of visitors that they get!

For you the more important things are the lessons learned which you can then apply across the rest of your website – just remember to only change one or two things at a time, otherwise you’ll learn far less!

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