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Google starts 2013 with new year resolutions to continue being the search behemoth that it is, maybe this year they will see their sham moto of ‘do no evil’  for what it is and drop it? Google aren’t an evil company but only in the same way that politicians who fiddle their expenses aren’t evil, or top sports people hiding their money from taxation by the country that provided them the facilities to become top sports people aren’t evil, or companies that take advantage of tax loop holes to avoid paying tax aren’t evil – just morally reprehensible.

Maybe they should change their moto to ‘don’t do anything that can obviously be labelled as evil, but do anything else we can get away even if it is morally corrupt’.

Personally I wish you all a ‘Bing New Year’; Google needs as much competition as we can give it – so why not try switching to Bing this year, www.bing.co.uk?  (OK it’s owned by the morally reprehensible Microsoft, but apparently they’re reformed characters…)


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