WebSanity Internet Marketing logoSo, Google have extended their ads from the old 25/35/35 to 30/30/80 letters. Or have they?

The promise (30/30/80):
“Non-Financial Managers Finance -Training Courses in Birmingham”

But, the number of characters available is variable because it is based on the width of the letters, so you get a lot more lllllllllls than MMMMMMMMMMs. This is all fair enough – Google provide you with a handy preview so you can check whilst entering.

The preview:
“Non-Financial Managers Finance -Training Courses in Birmin…”

But then when looking at the ad diagnostic tool…

The reality:
“Non-Financial Managers Finance -Training Courses in…”

What a joke. One of the richest companies in the world can’t get the preview on their multi-billion dollar revenue system to match reality. Who does their programming for them? The Muppets™?!


What to do:

  • DO swap to enhanced text ads, click through rates are certainly a few percentage higher than than the old ads
  • Be very very careful going near the limit of lengths
  • Use the Ad Preview tool to check how it appears just in case
  • Maybe even check a few in a real search results in Google, who knows, maybe that will be different to promise, preview AND diagnostic?








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