I’ve always joked that Google+ was Google’s third failed attempt at beating Facebook as the default social network. However, seeing the lengths they seem prepared to go to to make it happen, I’m starting to doubt that statement.

If you need evidence for that you can look at the way the core search engine now delivers Google+ content ahead of Twitter & Facebook results (all for good technical reasons of course), or the almost impossible ability to escape from it whilst using Google. But what brought it home to me most was an hour long ‘video hangout’ by president Obama recently… on Google+. Now that shows the power and influence that Google can wield in the modern world.

All this from a company that is prepared to employ a media company that paid people to write positively on blogs about its web browser software, thereby breaking its own rules (unknowingly according to Google), or allowing others to sell pharmaceutical drugs using its AdWords system, and Olympics tickets (according to the BBC).

So what should we do when a company like Google starts throwing its weight around? Get a Google+ account for you business and start filling it with information about your business! Oh, and you might want to think twice before buying shares in the soon to go public Facebook!