Google have announced that, from the first of August, it will no longer support older browsers fully with some of its apps. That means some of the huge number of its apps will stop working (or, more likely, just do weird things in some instances).

This is a difficult decision to make: even at WebSanity a huge amount of effort goes into sporting older browsers used only by a minority of users. However, I almost choked when I saw that amongst the list was Internet Explorer 7, which is nowhere near retirement age.

So if you want to keep using Google apps like Analytics etc. then make sure you are running the latest browser version… apart from if you are using FireFox… upgrade to the latest 3.x version, but not 4.x because the latest version has lots of incompatibilities… and apart from if you are using Internet Explorer… upgrade to, or stick with, IE 8 if you can, since IE9 is more buggy than IE8… which was more buggy than IE7.

What a mess ‘progress’ is causing…


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