It is important for businesses that operate in a local area to have an entry on Google Places. This is the free system that sometimes pops up as a map within search results, listing local businesses. You can get a listing here: However, around about June 2010 time we noticed that some of the Google Places entries that we manage for our customers – and our own – had suddenly been flagged as rejected as not meeting quality guidelines (despite them having been live for months/years). “This listing was rejected because it doesn’t meet the quality guidelines.” No further explanation is given and it seems to have affected businesses randomly. Making changes seems to make no difference – it appears that these businesses have effectively been excluded from the net for no reason at all. My personal suspicion is that this has been caused by a bug in Google Places and that resubmitted sites simply aren’t being resubmitted at all.

A quick search on the internet shows large numbers of companies affected – but not a single response from Google. If you have a Google Places entry we’d recommend that you check if it is still alive – if it isn’t, and there isn’t an obvious reason why, then post a complaint on one of Google’s discussion forums and maybe the leviathan will wake up and take some notice?(Although based on past Google behaviour I wouldn’t hold your breath)

If you don’t have a Google Places listing then all the more reason to try to get one whilst a large percentage of your competitors have been spurned by Google!

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