WebSanity Internet Marketing logoI’ve personally delivered quite a lot of training on Google Analytics over the past year; so here’s a warning to any of you who attended one of those courses. Google have had a new version waiting in the wings (beta testing) for some time and they plan to ‘sunset’ the old version (i.e. start to withdraw it) from January 2012.

There is a new engine in place behind google analytics, but more importantly they are updating the user interface to make it ‘sharper’ (i.e. moving everything around!)

I’d highly recommend you start getting familiar with the new version, which in all fairness is better structured and put together. You can look at the new Gooogle Analytics Interface by clicking the link in the Google Analytics header shown below:

Google Analytics new user interface

Google will probably continue to make the old version available in 2012 when the ‘New Version’ link will become the ‘Old Version’ link, and then it will slip into obscurity…




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