And about time too. There has always been an air of mystery surrounding what keywords are actually triggering your ads to appear; leaving you uncertain if your ads are showing for phrases truly relevant to your business – particularly if you are using the (few details revealed by Google) broad matching options. Some matches get shown but a lot just get grouped together – unknown.

So, if you were advertising for the phrase: “fender seat” (phrase matched) you might well end up matching against “Harley fender seat“. The former is a fireside seat, the latter a seat for a motorbike! Hopefully you might have guessed this, but now with more information revealed by Google you can see where people have triggered your ad through inappropriate matching, which you can fix by adjusting the original phrase or, better in a circumstance like this, by adding more negative options, e.g. “-harley“.

We’ll certainly be taking a long hard look at our keyword performance reports for our managed client accounts, and we recommend that you revisit your own.