If you advertise using Google’s AdWords Display Network here’s something to look out for that could be costing you money.

The Display Network is where your ads appear on other people’s websites (blogs mainly) who are selling advertising space through the Google AdSense programme.

If you are using it you should do various things such as keeping it segregated in a separate campaign and bidding lower than your Search Network bids. You should also check the placements that it generates for you. Ie. Where your ads are appearing. Presuming you haven’t hand picked them!

Amongst the placements you will find some total dross; sites that you think are totally irrelevant and that any click from would most likely be a mistake or highly unlikely to convert. One category of site that we’ve come across in this category is mobile games. Basically these come from people playing free game apps on a mobile or tablet, and have mistakenly clicked on an ad (or were they encouraged to do so in order to ‘support the app’?). Such clicks are generally a total waste of money, so select them all and exclude them. If I’m advertising for AdWords help in Huntingdon, why would a click from somebody playing a free children’s game help me for example?

How to do this? Well in the AdWords ad group select placements, look through the list, select entries with app in the name, then exclude. There isn’t a way to filter them out automatically (this is greedy Google we’re talking about here), so you’ll have to check back every so often to check for more low quality placements.

Whilst you’re looking, check out AdWords placements that are getting high impressions or clicks and exclude poor quality or irrelevant looking sites – it can really give your AdWords placements a good clean up – and save you money!