Just heard that Google are retiring their free Google Shopping listing service, but replacing it with a pay to play service.

Is their no end to Google’s greed? Will people eventually not be able to find the free results within the paid for material?

Think what would happen if they were to start charging you to search. This is the problem with so little competition in the market.

People wonder why I get so emotive, Google are providing a free search engine after all? But in reality it is far from free. You give them details about what you search for, where you live, who you are (google plus) which they then sell on. In fact that data is worth almost $40 billion a year and all you get in return is a search engine that increasingly favours big brands with big pockets over smaller quality players.

Currently I’m trying out duckduckgo.com – it has good results and way better privacy policies. I encourage you all to give it a try.

As for Merchant Center we’ll have to see how the situation develops here in the uk before recommending reaching into your pockets to pay for listings.