WebSanity Internet Marketing logoThis time they REALLY mean it. A year ago Google told us that mobile friendly sites would be given a boost in mobile search results, well now they’ve given an even stronger indication that they are turning the thumbscrews on that.

Given the context of 3 to 4 ads now appearing above most search results, even being organic position 1 might see you fifth on the page (and “below the fold” on a mobile device), this is really important.

If you’re B2B you probably have lower traffic on mobile so have been able to get away with it, but with people using mobile phones like some kind of extension to themselves it really is time to make sure you have a mobile friendly website, not least for your customers, but for Google.

Check individual pages on your website using the Google Mobile Friendly test tool.


And yes, our site isn’t mobile friendly because we’ve been too busy for the past several years helping clients with their own sites, but someday soon we’ll clear some space to (finally) bring our site into the 21st Century.


BTW: Around the corner from Google – AMP. Now they want mobile websites to be text only…. but that is another story still developing…



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