Google doesn’t only read the Alt text that you set for images (make sure you set that as it is actually a legal requirement under the Disability Discrimination Act) on your page, but also the image file name. If you have a WordPress web site it is easy for you to upload your own images and set the image title and Alt Text, but way too many times we see images called things like IMG034.jpg (the image file name straight out of the camera). That isn’t helping your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)! For example, on a page about ‘web design in Huntingdon‘ if you had a photo of somebody typing away at a computer you would want to rename the image something like person-working-web-design-huntingdon.jpg AND set the Alt text to ‘Person working on web design in Huntingdon’. Not only does this improve your SEO, but it also makes images easier to find and recognise once you’re uploaded them to your website.