WebSanity Internet Marketing logoGot some new content that you need to get listed in Google fast? Something like a promotion, sale or special offer?

If you update your site regularly then Google will regularly come to your site and look for new content, however, if you don’t then they won’t – so you’ll have to wait days or weeks until your new content gets noticed.

Using Google webmaster tools you can submit a page directly to Google for immediate consideration for indexing (you are limited to only a certain number per day so you can’t go crazy with this). If you need to get new content listed in Bing quickly they have the exact same feature in their webmaster tools.

Submission is no guarantee of ranking, and if your page isn’t well linked or SEO focused then it might not well end up ranking well, or at all – but this is the best hope you have of getting new content listed quickly within the search engines.


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