Gerald Thulbourn, WebSanity Internet Marketing, HuntingdonIt’s been rumoured for a while but now it’s finally here, the end of free searches in Google as we know them. On desktop Google are ditching Ads in the right column and placing up to 4 ads above the organic search results and up to 3 below the search results.

From our experience of the market looking at many people’s AdWords results we already know that many people searching on the internet behave like complete idiots, typing in their search term and then just clicking on the first thing at the top of the list, paying no the attention to whether it is relevant to their search or not. If you think that people ‘skip the ads’ at the top to click on only the organic results, you’re wrong – you may do, as I do, but the numbers say that we’re in a tiny minority.

So it you want decent traffic now you are going to have to increasingly rely on using paid advertising through AdWords (and from my previous disparaging comment about the searching public, a well optimised one otherwise you’ll just end up paying for irrelevant clicks).

What to do:

  • Use AdWords as part of your strategy.
  • Make sure your AdWords are highly optimised and carefully monitored
  • Don’t give up on SEO – but go longer tail, focus on more pages more focused on more narrowly focused terms (long tail) Highly optimise descriptions and keep working on great content.
  • Consider a balanced approach to include (dare I say it) social media.
  • Stop using Google – this move amounts to a tax by a corporate body on using the Internet. Try Bing or (honestly) Duck Duck Go. Their search results might be poorer but they’ll get better the more people switch to using them.


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